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Update /// Still Alive + Bonus ///

By Giselle on May 21, 2009.

It's incredible but this is the first post of the year. I know people don't even come here anymore but I still feel like I should do more to this site regardless. So that's why I'm still trying to improve the quality and the quantity of the site. I hope you can find everything just fine, if not let me know, I won't mind answering your questions.

I feel obligated to do something for this fan site at least once a year that's the reason behind this update. I added a few of my own poems (written a long time ago) that were loosely based in this couple or just inspired around the time of the show. But I also decided to share the few interrupted stories that have been sitting in my computer for a long time. Maybe you are interested in knowing just what kind of ideas I had once upon a time and thought about writing. Remember they are not even complete chapters but perhaps you are curious just the same. Anyway, they are posted for you to check in the fan fiction section.

Anyway that's pretty much all for now. I'll be sure to check once in a while to make sure everything is still where it should be. Have Fun!

Update /// New Layout and Something Extra ///

By Giselle on December 06, 2008.

Believe it or not I did get off my arse and decided to change the look of this site a little bit. I hope you like the all brand new layout that I made for Between Us, better than the last. I just got the urge and made it in one afternoon. It should work just fine for all the people viewing with 1024x768 resolution, I'll try to work all the other details at a later date. But anyway, enjoy!

I have also been working in the Extras section of the site, you should now find all my fanarts as well as banners made for my fan fictions. You should take in consideration that they were all made a long time ago, some are good, some not so much. But I did have fun, so that's all I hope you get out of them. Remember to read the terms of use before doing anything ;).

Well, that's all for today. I do have a few thing to update but I'm just lazy enough to do it some other day. I have some surprises up my sleeve yet :). Enjoy and come back!

Update /// Lady in Red ///

By Giselle on June 27, 2008.

I'm just stopping by to let you all know that I have finally updated. Though it's not everything I have, and I still have a lot of things to add to this site, well better now than never ;). I uploaded all the written chapters of Running Away, the story it's not completed yet but it only has one or two chapters left. Maybe I'll get the energy to finish this one some time soon.

I also added the first part of Lady In Red. This one only has another part written, that I'll add in the next update. But this story wasn't meant to be too long in the first place, so once again perhaps I'll write something more, at least to give it a more accomplished feel. Let's see.

And lastly but not least, I wanted to inform you that I'll be adding the Extras page with all the PJ FanArt, as well as the banners for my stories, in the next update also. And if I'm feeling up to it, maybe I'll have some exclusive sorprise for all the readers ;).

Update /// New Chapters ///

By Giselle on March 19, 2008.

Although I promised to hurry up a little and post everything that I have, well things do not work that way apparently. Life gets in the way and I forget to upload and update this site as well as the others.

But fear not that I'm slowly re-coding everything I have in archive. I'm even going through my abandoned fics, the ones that only have a few pages writen, and adding more to them. I decided that I'll try to post what I have also. They may not be finished but maybe you would like the read them anyway? Will see...

Now to the updates... I added chapters seven and eight of Running Away, I know it's not much but it's something. The rest of the chapters will be uploaded in the next update. And The Creek Ho Chronicles is now finished. I posted the complete story. Hope you enjoy reading it. That's pretty much all there is for now. I'll finish posting the writen chapters of Running Away and add the ones of Lady in Red in the next post.

Update /// Linking It ///

By Giselle on February 1st, 2008.

As you can probably see, I have been uploading everything in slow motion. It's just that I have to code every story again. It's a really excruciating job and it takes more time that I care to spend. But I'm doing it, that's the important thing. I'm also, one of these days, trying to add the Extras part of this site. Although that's another story.

Back to what you really want to know... I have added the first three parts of The Creek Ho Chronicles. The remaining chapters of Running Away and Lady in Red will be posted in the next update. I also added some new outside links to some really wonderful fan fiction sites that are still working, thank god. I've been trying to make the feedback form work, but it's not so for the time being just use the mail provided in my signature.

Update /// Uploading Stories ///

By Giselle on January 9, 2008.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, believe it or not it's a new year. It's incredible how fast time goes when you are not looking. And I'm finally realizing that I'm too old for all this but what the heck! I have to finish this once and for all.

So I come bearing gifts for everyone. Though maybe it's not much, at least is something. I'm slowly but surely uploading all the content to this site. It's a lot of work because I have to code everything again. I wasn't much of a computer genius when I started having sites. Now I'm re-doing all the coding to make it easier in the future, and friendlier to the user.

Anyway back to the topic at hand... What you can find so far relating the stories: Sinful Temptation in it's entirety, Wild Ways and Sexy Lies also completed, I Just Called To Say I Love You posted, and Running Away the first six chapters. I still have to post the completed version of The Creek Ho Chronicles and the first two parts of Lady in Red. I'm also doing some re-writing and editing of my other projects that are lying around the computer. I'm almost positive that I'll have another all new, never seen the light of day, story for you guys exclusive to this site.

The rest of this site will be coming to life in the next update. The contact form is not working at the moment. I have to redo the coding, but I have faith that it will be working properly in the next few days. In the meantime just click on my name in the subtitle. The Extras will be uploaded with some of my most infamous PJ art. The fanart that I made once upon a time when I had some inspiration whatsoever. And I'll be adding more links for you to browse through. Don't worry, all working of course.

That's about it for now. Don't forget to come back soon to check the new content. And drop me a line telling me how amazing a writer I am... kidding (not about the feedback though;)).